Who are you?

“Do you know who I am?” That is a popular question that a lot of Nigerians ask when they are trying to get access to a place meant for a privileged few or when they are avoiding questions from law enforcement. In an attempt to get their way, they ask angrily “do you know who I am?”

This question is usually asked with such arrogance and confidence that one would expect everyone to cower in fear, and sometimes they do. But in a lot of cases, people simply ask “who are you?”

I have always found this attitude as a strange way for people trying to get their way. But recently, I got thinking and realized that many times, in this world, you can get access to a lot of resources and people if only people know who you are.

This new year, you need to be deliberate about being known. So, as you start writing down your goals for the year, remember to add goals that focus on you being more visible.

4 Tips to improve your visibility

Here are some tips you should consider

  1. Learn more. Be committed to building yourself this year. Read more books, take some certification courses, and ensure that you know more this year. As you learn more, you open up more opportunities for you to share your knowledge with others.
  2. Write more. You can write short posts on LinkedIn, Twitter or start a blog. No one would know who you are, what you can do, or what you know if you don’t tell them. You may also consider writing as a guest blogger or a columnist for a newspaper agency. Whatever medium you can find, write more this year.
  3. Speak more. Have you ever considered being a speaker at an event? If you haven’t, you should this year. Look for opportunities to share your wealth of wisdom with others at physical or virtual events. If no one invites you, find ways to get invited. You may also consider creating video content on social media and letting people hear you speak.
  4. Connect more. Your network of people can open up a lot of opportunities for you. Be deliberate about connecting with people who can get you what you need or help you be a better version of yourself. This year, be deliberate about having a mentor, coach, or sponsor. You can move a lot faster if you have the right people in your corner

This year, be committed to being more visible and sharing your expertise with the world. You never know what doors this would open up for you.

So, my question to you is this… Who are you?

Drop a comment here and tell the world who you are.

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