Improve Productivity Using These 5 AI Tools


In my last post, I talked about ChatGPT, a powerful AI tool that seems to be able to do anything. I also mentioned 5 ways your business can use ChatGPT. If you have not read that article, you should check it out

ChatGPT might be one of the most popular AI tools today, but there are still a lot of other cool AI tools you can use to make your business more productive.

Top 5 AI Tools

Below is a list of my top 5 AI tools that you should give a try

1. Runwayml. You can use Runwayml, a powerful AI tool, to get rid of background or unwanted objects and track motion in your videos. The cool thing about Runwayml is how easy it is to use. You mark the items you want to add or take away, and the AI takes care of the rest. The tool also allows you to preview your video, export the mask, or change your background right on the tool. You can get a free version of Runwayml at

2. This is a great AI tool that can help you write blog posts, optimize them for SEO, and even post them for you. can also help you build backlinks for your website, which will help Google rank your website higher. You can try out this tool for free right now by going to

3. Writesonic. Writesonic is arguably more powerful than ChatGPT because it connects to the Internet, allowing it to give you up-to-date information, unlike ChatGPT which is currently limited to information as of 2021. It can be used as a chatbot like ChatGPT, but it does a lot more. It can make art, write blog posts, and also includes an ads and marketing section that can help you make ad copies. You can try out the tool for free on

4. Quillbot. Quillbot is a great tool that can help you improve your writing by checking for grammatical errors and rephrasing sentences and articles to give them more depth. You can choose the tone of writing you want, and Quillbot will take care of the rest. There is a free version of Quillbot that you can get at

5. Murf. Murf is an impressive voice generator tool that can be used to make voice-overs, convert text to speech, and do a lot more. This tool offers you different options, ensuring that the voice you get sounds natural and authentic. You can try out the free version of Murf right now at


In conclusion, there are quite a number of AI tools out there that can help you get things done faster, better, and cheaper. Don’t miss out on the great chances you have this year to be more productive.

Try out these tools and tell me what you think of the list I made.

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